Secondary Breast Cancer

Look no further for support and guidance on secondary breast cancer 

Breast cancer occurs when abnormal cells multiply rapidly to form a tumour. Whilst breast cancer is more likely to occur to women, around 1% of cases can see men affected by it too.

Breast cancer which has spread to other parts of the body is referred to as metastatic, advanced breast cancer or secondary breast cancer. Here at ABC Global Alliance we are passionate about improving and extending the lives of men and women who face secondary breast cancer.

The ABC Global Alliance aim is to improve and extend the lives of women and men living with secondary breast cancer in all countries worldwide and to fight for a cure. Our goal is to unite the Advanced Breast Cancer (ABC) community to work together towards common, achievable goals at international and local levels. An ABC Global Charter has been developed which details 10 Actions for Change addressing gaps in ABC research, ABC patient care and ABC in society as identified by the Global Status of Advanced/Metastatic Breast Cancer: 2005-2015 Decade Report which led to the preliminary mBC Vision 2025 'Call-to-Action'.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can join us in our fight please visit or take a look at our website today where you can view our useful resources.

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