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A 10 year Review of Advanced Breast Cancer

To shed light on the challenges and gaps in advanced breast cancer and inspire worldwide change within the breast cancer community, ESO worked collaboratively with Pfizer Oncology in providing the Global Status of Advanced / Metastatic Breast Cancer (mBC) 2005-2015 Decade Report. The report reveals areas of improvement as well as substantial gaps in care, access to resources and support, and treatment outcomes for patients with advanced breast cancer.

A steering committee of global multidisciplinary advanced breast cancer advisors, comprising physicians, leaders of patient-support organizations, and patients, contributed to the development of the report.

Download the full report here

Download a summary of the report here

In collaboration with ESO, Pfizer provided project management support and strategic coordination, as well as shared analyses and key data on gaps in care identified in the Global Status of mBC Decade Report, which formed the basis of the mBCVision 2025 Call-to-Action.

Pfizer did not develop content for the Call-to-Action, this was determined by consensus from mBC Vision 2025 Taskforce members.

Raising Awareness

Novartis has partnered with organisations around the world to raise awareness of the needs and experiences of people living with advanced breast cancer and to provide disease information to patients and caregivers. One major initiative has been the global "Count Us, Know Us, Join Us" campaign that recognises and supports those living with ABC, as well as their caregivers, supporters, friends, and family members and helps to give them a stronger voice to meet their needs. The Count Us, Know Us, Join Us survey confirmed that women with ABC feel isolated from the "pink" breast cancer movement that tends to focus on prevention and survivorship, and want to be better understood. The sister pan-European initiative, "Here & Now" aims to raise awareness of ABC and the realities of living with the disease. Here & Now has uncovered insights into the impact of ABC to understand how barriers to optimal patient care can be overcome in order to improve the level of care and support across Europe.

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