2022 Elections

ABC Global Alliance 2022 elections

We are pleased to inform all our members that we are starting the process to find new outstanding people to play a leadership role in our association as it will be soon time to elect the new Board of Directors for the next mandate (January 2023- December 2024) for the following seats:

  • patient organisation (the representative should preferably be herself/himself a ABC/mBC patient. In case she/he is not an ABC patient, the same patient organization should identify a second representative who must be an ABC/mBC patient, to be involved - in this case the 2 representatives will share 1 seat/vote).
  • healthcare professionals such as societies, hospitals, institutes or universities
  • commercial organisation
  • organisation from a low, lower middle and upper middle-income country

and President and a Secretary of the General Assembly.

We are inviting all Associate Members interested in running for a seat in the Board of Directors or for the role of President or Secretary of the General Assembly, to submit their nomination using this form by 3 October 2022.
Please note that based on the Association statute Associate Observers will not be eligible to be nominated and have no voting right.


All nominations will be made available for review by 6th October to give to all Associate Members the time for review of the candidates and to be prepared for the voting that will take place at the beginning of November.

The results of the voting will be announced during the General Assembly that will take place virtually on 10 November 2022.

Important: only Associate Members have the right to vote.


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