ABC Global Charter & Decade Report

Bridging gaps and inspiring change in Advanced Breast Cancer
2015 - 2025
2025 - 2035

2015 - 2025

A 10 year Review of Advanced Breast Cancer

To shed light on the challenges and gaps in advanced breast cancer and inspire worldwide change within the breast cancer community, in 2016 ESO worked collaboratively with Pfizer Oncology to provide the Global Status of Advanced / Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) 2005-2015 Decade Report. The report reveals areas of improvement as well as substantial gaps in care, access to resources and support, and treatment outcomes for patients with advanced breast cancer.

A steering committee of global multidisciplinary advanced breast cancer advisors, comprising physicians, leaders of patient-support organizations, and patients, contributed to the development of the report.

In collaboration with ESO, Pfizer provided project management support and strategic coordination, as well as shared analyses and key data on gaps in care identified in the Global Status of MBC Decade Report, which formed the basis of the MBCVision 2025 Call-to-Action.

Pfizer did not develop content for the Call-to-Action, this was determined by consensus from MBC Vision 2025 Taskforce members.


The ABC Global Charter has been developed to address the most urgent and actionable gaps in the treatment and care of patients with advanced breast cancer (ABC) and define achievable and realistic goals to ultimately improve and extend their lives. These gaps and corresponding goals have been identified through intense discussion with all stakeholders involved in the field but mostly by patients and advocates.

The ABC Global Charter aims to drive change in the care of patients with ABC, tailoring actions to make them relevant and feasible for different geographies and capacities. The Actions for Change aim to achieve near and longer-term goals, to give patients a voice, to bring patient needs to the fore for driving decision-making and ultimately improve and extend their lives.

The ABC Global Charter was revised in 2022, for better wording and clarifications. In 2023, with the kind support of our community, we are working on the translation of this document into various languages. Would you like to add your language to the list? Reach out to us.
Help patients with ABC live longer by doubling ABC median overall survival by 2025
Enhance our understanding about ABC by increasing the collection of high quality data
Improve the quality of life (QoL) of patients with ABC
Ensure that all patients with ABC receive the best possible treatment and care by increasing availability of and access to care from a multidisciplinary team
Improve communication between healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients with ABC through the provision of communication skills training for HCPs
Meet the informational needs of patients with ABC by using easy to understand, accurate and up-to-date information materials and resources
Ensure that patients with ABC are made aware of and are referred to non-clinical support services
Counteract the stigma and isolation associated with living with ABC by increasing public understanding of the condition
Ensure that patients with ABC have access to treatment regardless of their ability to pay
Help patients with ABC continue to work by implementing legislations that protects their right to work and ensures flexible and accommodating workplace environments

2025 - 2035

A global report, analyzing the ABC landscape in the decade 2005-2015 was published in 2015 and highlighted gaps in patient care, access to resources and support, and treatment outcomes for women around the world. It was the first globally focused assessment of ABC across the care continuum, as well as the political, societal, and scientific landscapes.The insights from the Global Decade Report informed the development of the ABC Global Charter which outlined 10 goals for the 2015-2025 decade to drive change in the care of people with ABC. It was developed to address the most urgent and actionable gaps in the treatment and care of patients with ABC and define achievable and realistic goals to ultimately improve and extend their lives.

A deep assessment of progress over the past 10 years will be carried out, creating a new Global Decade Report (2015-2025). Results of this research will be used to review and renew the ABC Global Charter and the actions for change for the next decade (2025-2035). The planned updates to both the Global Decade Report and ABC Global Charter offer a unique opportunity for multi-stakeholder collaboration to define the next 10 years of focus for the ABC community and continue to drive change in 2025 and beyond.

The goal of this work is to unite the ABC community by catalysing change to improve ABC patient outcomes. Healthcare professionals (HCPs), governments, health policy makers, patient advocates, members of the breast cancer community, and anyone whose life is touched by ABC should unite to take action at local and international levels to help achieve the objectives described in the ABC Global Charter and in doing so ensure that advanced breast cancer patients feel included in the Sustainable Development Goals vision of “leaving no one behind”.