Brain Metastases in breast cancer

The informational material on brain metastases in breast cancer was developed through a collaboration between ABC Global Alliance and Seagen.

Learning more about brain metastases in breast cancer

The brain is the most complex organ in the body.1 It is protected by the blood-brainbarrier, which acts like a gatekeeper for the brain.2 Although the blood-brain barrieris effective, it’s not impenetrable.3
Sometimes cancer cells break away from their original tumour to a new area of the body, including the brain.4 With nearly 1 in 3 people with metastatic breast cancer eventually developing brain metastases,5 this video helps to learn more about how they develop, how to recognise them, and when to speak to your doctor or nurse.


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Why do brain metastases happen?

This video offers insights into the following aspects:

  • The functioning of the brain and the blood-brain barrier
  • Recognizing potential symptoms of brain metastases
  • Future implications
  • Causes of brain metastases
  • Methods of diagnosing brain metastases
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