We are advanced breast cancer

Travel grant: San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
5-9 December 2023

Full applications should besubmitted to info@abcglobalalliance.org by 2 October  2023 providing the followingdocuments:
- Short curriculum vitae
- Letter describing the motivation for the attending
- Application form
(download here)

Please note that priority will be given to: Applicants with poster, abstract presentation or oral presentation accepted for the event on ABC

Recipients will receive a set amount to contribute to their travel and accommodation expenses.ABC Global Alliance is not responsible for the event registration, VISA or the travel arrangements.
Travel grants are made available for ABC Global Alliance members.

The following amounts will be refunded by bank transfer after the event:

In-person registrations: 
·     Regular Registration - Applicants from USA:1900 EUR
·       Regular Registration - Applicants from other regions: 2300 EUR
·       ACCR Member Registration - Applicants from USA: 1800 EUR
·       ACCR Member Registration - Applicants from other regions: 2200 EUR
·       Resident or Postdoctoral Fellow - Applicants from USA: 1300 EUR
·       Resident or Postdoctoral Fellow - Applicants from other regions: 1700 EUR
·       Patient Advocate - Applicants from USA: 1100EUR
·       Patient Advocate - Applicants from other regions: 1500 EUR
·       Student - Applicants from USA: 1200 EUR
·       Student - Applicants from other regions: 1600EUR

Virtual registration:
Please note that patient advocates can connect virtually for free.
In 2023, SABCS is providing discounted registrationoptions for virtual attendees based on their geographic location. Discounted rates are calculated based on the World Bank Group country classifications by income level for FY24 (July 1, 2023- June 30, 2024).

·       Regular Registration - High-Income economies:690 EUR
·       Regular Registration - Middle-Incomeeconomies: 315 EUR
·       Regular Registration - Low-middle and low-income economies: 94 EUR

·       ACCR Member Registration - High-Incomeeconomies: 590 EUR
·       ACCR Member Registration - Middle-Incomeeconomies: 280 EUR
·       ACCR Member Registration - Low-middle and low-income economies: 80 EUR

·       Resident or Postdoctoral Fellow - High-Incomeeconomies: 183 EUR
·       Resident or Postdoctoral Fellow -Middle-Income economies: 89 EUR
·       Resident or Postdoctoral Fellow - Low-middle low-income economies: 33 EUR

·       Student - High-income economies: 70 EUR
·       Student - Middle-income economies: 33 EUR
·       Student - Virtual Low-middle and low-income  andeconomies: 19 EUR

The outcome of the application will be notified by 13 October 2023.

Register here: https://www.sabcs.org/SABCS-Registration-2023