Honestly Spoken

Honestly Spoken

The ABC Global Alliance is partnering with Sanofi to raise awareness of the burden and unmet needs of people living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) through powerful storytelling, tangible advice and real-world examples.
Honestly Spoken will focus on giving voice to the issues that matter most to MBC patients and caregivers through real, unscripted conversations led by patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals and experts from around the world. No topic, issue or personal experience is off limits as we seek to focus on the unique needs and priorities for the MBC Community.
Join the conversation and watch the latest Honestly Spoken discussions.

Caring for Our Caregivers

One aspect of MBC care that often goes overlooked is the health and wellbeing of the caregiver. Many times, this person who is either a friend or a family member is asked to take on another full-time job, often at the expense of their own health. Our first Honestly Spoken discussion, “Caring for Our Caregivers,” moderated by ABC Global Alliance President Dr. Fatima Cardoso, features the perspective and tips from caregivers Linda and Sarah-jane, patient advocate Nicole and Dr. Luzia Travado, an expert in psycho-oncology.

Maximizing Communication with Your Doctor

Listen as a person living with MBC, Jo and an oncologist, Dr Paluch Shimon, describe how to best collaborate together and how someone can become empowered as their own health advocate.

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